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It is an innovative social enterprise, founded in 2016 sharing the Lawn Tennis Association's (LTA) vision to open tennis up to anyone and everyone.


High-quality tennis coaching and professional management services into places it has never been before, using tennis for personal development. 

Maximaze your Tennis Potential!

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Our programs are designed according to the LTA´s coaching pathway, combining the physical, mental, technical and strategic aspects of the game to ensure that all players reach their highest level.

Methodology built on values and knowledge that turn players into strong competitors:

  • The basis of the programme’s success is putting into practice, through appropriate exercises, a style of tennis based on acceleration, attack and defence, balance and footwork. This way, players learn to automatise movements, develop a solid, organised style of play, learn to choose and successfully manage their emotions and relationships.

  • Prepares players to compete through a training system that involves technical development, tactical skills, fitness and mental toughness.

  • We develop competitive values such as: leadership, competitiveness, positive mindset, capacity for ongoing learning, concentration and winning character.

At Tennis Come True we teach more than just tennis. We consider tennis a nearly perfect sport to teach players the many life lessons that are so important for all champions to learn. Values such as hard work, passion, friendship,  and integrity, amongst others, are the pillars of everything we do in a tennis court. 

The only way to provide the highest quality is with the best tennis coaches by our side – a team of professionals who have dedicated their lives to playing and teaching tennis. Even more importantly, they share with us the education and values that Tennis come True wants to give to all our players. Always providing the best example on court.


TCT provides tennis management services to clubs, parks and leisure centers, working together with venues and local authorities to open tennis up to anyone and everyone in UK. 

We provide much more than a full tennis program, we also develop a structure to help venues to increase the participation at the tennis courts as well as the membership and revenue. 

We apply our more than 20 years of experience in clubs and academies around the world to create a Business Plan for your venue, providing the facilities with the last marketing, management and administration techniques to boost the attendance and revenue. All that combined with a 5 starts tennis coaching.

Tennis Come True provides the following services to clubs, parks, school facilities and leisure centers:

1. Tennis Program

We can develop a full coaching structure at your venue, high quality sessions and activities that will bring more players to the courts. Our coaching package includes:

  • Junior and adult lessons (all ages and levels)

  • Junior Academy program

  • Holiday Camps

  • Private coaching

  • Social Play Sessions

  • Social and LTA Tournaments

  • Links with Schools and Disability Organizations

  • LTA Events like British Tennis Weekends

  • Additional programs like Cardio Tennis or TT

  • Teams Management

  • Inter-club competitions

All our coaches are highly qualified LTA coaches and DBS checked, as well as First Aid and Safeguarding trained.


2. Marketing and Promotion

TCT offers an extensive direct and indirect Marketing Package to reach any person interested in tennis in your community and sorroundings. Our Marketing department will help you with:

  • Venue Website management and Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Additional Website created by TC

  • Website SEO and Google Ads

  • Social Media Management

  • A place for the venue in our Website and SM

  • Emailing to members and potential customers

  • Phone calls to members and potential customers

  • Flyers, banners and Poster in your community

  • Schools promotion and offers

  • External Websites and Forums promotion

  • Internal promotion (Clubhouse, courts, cafe...)

  • Access to our Data-Base...

3. Venue Management

TCT Team joins our more than 20 years of experience in direction roles in clubs and academies around the world.

We apply all our knowledge to create a Business Plan for your venue, including:

  • Booking administration

  • Revenue management

  • Court maintenance

  • Pavilion and Cafe management

  • Retention, growth and financial Plans

  • Committee Members assistance

  • Administration Method 

  • Consultancy services

  • Membership support

  • Funding research

  • Participation Plan

  • Stringing services and shop

  • Sponsorship Plan...

We also provide the venue with an Annual Fee and Profit Reinvestment to help to achieve your Financial Plan.

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