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Tennis Come True is an innovative social enterprise based in East London, it was founded in 2016 sharing the Lawn Tennis Association's (LTA) vision to open tennis up to anyone and everyone. With the firm purpose of providing access to high-quality tennis coaching and professional management services into places it never been before, developing successful people in all aspects of life, using tennis as the vehicle for personal development. 

TCT makes the best quality tennis lessons accessible and affordable for juniors and adults,  developing a strong structure to transmit the education and value of tennis throughout the community.




Tennis Come True coaches deliver fun and dynamic tennis lessons focusing on personal, social and sportive progress. Finding the natural technique for every player, always providing a close and individual treatment that helps to maximise people's potential.

Our programs are designed according to the LTA´s coaching pathway, combining the physical, mental, technical and strategic aspects of the game to ensure that all players reach their highest level.

It is important for us that you give Tennis a try without being concerned about the costs, that´s why we follow a Low Price Coaching Policy in all our courses and activities. Last year more than 1000 players attended our sessions, tournaments and event making of Tennis Come True the most thriving tennis provider in East London.


Methodology built on values and knowledge that turn players into strong competitors:

The basis of the programme’s success is putting into practice, through appropriate exercises, a style of tennis based on acceleration, attack and defence, balance and footwork. This way, players learn to automatise movements, develop a solid, organised style of play, learn to choose and successfully manage their emotions and relationships.


Prepares players to compete through a training system that involves technical development, tactical skills, fitness and mental toughness.


We develop competitive values such as leadership, competitiveness, positive mindset, capacity for ongoing learning, concentration and winning character.


At Tennis Come True we teach more than just tennis. We consider tennis a nearly perfect sport to teach players the many life lessons that are so important for all champions to learn. Values such as hard work, passion, friendship,  and integrity, amongst others, are the pillars of everything we do on a tennis court. 

The only way to provide the highest quality is with the best tennis coaches by our side – a team of professionals who have dedicated their lives to playing and teaching tennis. Even more importantly, they share with us the education and values that Tennis come True wants to give to all our players. Always providing the best example on the court.

Our coaches have experienced running sessions in different clubs and academies around the world, helping and supporting players who are aiming a successful tennis career to achieve their goals.


TCT founders join more than 20 years of experience coaching and managing tennis programmes in different clubs and academies  around the world, helping and supporting players who are aiming a successful tennis career to achieve their goals.

"With Tennis Come True we are aiming to make available all our experience coaching at a high level to the full community, providing best coaching sessions to junior and adult at an affordable price. Dispelling the myth that high performance tennis is for those who belong to high society is part of our philosophy".

People playing tennis more often is our mission, for that reason we work closely with tennis facilities to help them to develop a Tennis Community through our professional management services. Tennis Come True coaches inspire the next generation, as well as increase the participation at the tennis courts.


The coaching gave my son the skills and confidence to be able to enter LTA tournaments and he recently won his first tournament. He has also made some great friends through playing tennis.

Nick Brittain

At Tennis Come True, each coaching session feels like a meeting of friends, not a conventional student-teacher dynamic. 

Steve Wadey

The coaching sessions are varied and fun.  The coaches have different styles of teaching that just works! 

Nicola Grant

Sessions are well-structured and high energy with constant feedback. The coaches have high expectations of all players regardless of age.

Anne Corbett