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Group Coaching: When booking a term

  1. Booking for coaching sessions should be made online in advance at the venue Clubspark Website.


   2.  You can join the term at any time, clubspark booking system will charge you just for the remaining lessons of the term.

   3.  Coaching sessions must be booked in the name of the player and are non-transferable to anyone else. 

   4.  Places on our coaching programmes are subject to availability and are sold on a first come first served basis.


   5.  If any single coaching group session is sold out, a wait list will be created and players who have indicated their wish to join the class will be         contacted if a place becomes available.

   6.  If you can not attend a lesson let us know 24 hours in advance, we will find you a space in a different group suitable for your age and                     level. Up to 2 make up lessons per term. Lessons are due to be made up during the same term or in the following term (the player must be         registered for the following term in order to make up a lesson in that term). We are unable to offer a refund.


   7.  You will be able to make up a lesson when spaces are available, once you request a make up lesson, we will confirm to you the availability           24 hours before the lesson starts.

   8.  If a player misses a session (without letting us know 24 hours in advanced) we are unable to offer a refund, credit or make-up session                  unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. an injury confirmed by a doctor’s note.


   9.  Players booking and attending a coaching session are assumed to be fully fit.  If this is not the case, the player or their guardian must                   inform the coach at the outset of the lesson in advance of any medical condition or disability  which may be relevant to the coaching                     session.  This should also be recorded in advance on the player's ClubSpark profile. We must also be notified of any change or deterioration         of any such medical condition or disability.  We will keep this information confidential and handle such issues with discretion.  We will                   always try to include any such individuals within out coaching programme wherever possible.

   10. Junior players must have on their ClubSpark profile an emergency contact number which is relevant to the time of the lesson, so that a                parent or guardian may be contacted in the event of an emergency.


   11. Players bringing any medical equipment to their lesson must indicate to the coach at the outset of the lesson the location of the medical              equipment so it can be located quickly and easily in the event of an emergency.


   12. Tennis Come True East London C.I.C reserves the right to refuse entry onto a coaching course, or advise a more appropriate session if any            participant is found not to be of the appropriate age/ability for the group.

   13. If a player books onto a group session, that session will go ahead as long as 4 players are booked onto the session.  If there is only one                 player booked on, the coach taking the session will notify the player of this fact prior to the lesson.  The player then has the option of either

        1) cancelling and receiving a full refund or 2) opting to attend the lesson, but paying the private lesson rate or 3)attend a lesson of the same         level any other day.  This will be the coach's usual rate less what the player has already paid on ClubSpark for the drills session.



Group coaching: When booking a drop-in lesson (single day session)

  1. The cost of a drop in session will include a little additional charge as an admin fee.


   2.  Players registered for the term will have preference over “drop in” bookings.

   3.  To make sure you have a “drop in” space available book your session with at least 24h in advance.

   4.  To make up a drop in lesson you must inform us that you will not be able to attend the session 24 hours before the session is taking place.           You will be able to make up the session in a different day if there are spaces available if the specific session requested. We are unable to               offer a refund.

   5.  If a player misses a session (without letting us know 24 hours in advance) we are unable to offer a refund, credit or make-up session                    unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. an injury confirmed by a doctor’s note.



Cancellation Policy

  1. Any cancellations of a group coaching course must be made in writing by e-mail to and be received within a minimum of 5 days of the commencement of the course.  Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.

   2.  Cancellation of any group coaching course made within the time period above will be refunded in full, less a £10 administration fee. No                 refunds or credits are available after that date, other than in exceptional circumstances. We are unable to accept replacements in lieu of               your booking.

   3.  If you or your child is absent from a session for a reason other than Tennis Come True East London having cancelled the session, you are             choosing to forfeit the time.  Only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. on presentation of a doctor’s note will a credit be issued.

   4.  In the event that you wish to cancel and switch onto another course on the programme, subject to availability, Tennis Come True East                     London may allow you to transfer your booking to another programme when spaces are available.

   5.  If Tennis Come True East London has to cancel a coaching session or programme you have booked because it is undersubscribed or a                  coach becomes unavailable, we will suggest alternative arrangements and/or offer you a full refund for the sessions missed.

   6.  Force Majeure: We cannot, however, accept liability for any loss, damage or expense or make refunds in the event of any changes (whether           before or during the courses) arising from force majeure such as war, threat of war, riots, civil unrest, strikes, natural disasters,                             fire, quarantine, epidemics, pandemics, weather conditions, government action, or other events beyond our control.



Weather Policy

  1. In the event of poor weather conditions or extreme heat, a coached tennis session may be cancelled.  The decision on whether to cancel a session for health and safety reasons will be taken by the Coach responsible for that session.  

   2.  The lessons wouldn't be cancelled in advance for bad weather conditions, the decision will be taken at the time of the lessons, players                   presented at the time of the cancellation will be able to make the session up following the same policy than when booking a group or drop           in coaching. Coaches will be there for the first 15 minutes of the lesson when the lesson is cancelled.

   3,  Some sessions will go ahead in bad weather.  Others will not.  Please assume in the first instance that all sessions will go ahead and bring           suitable waterproof or cold weather clothes for the conditions.

   4.  If the Coach decides that a session needs to be cancelled before the session begins, or before the end of 20 minutes into that session,                   players will have the option to make up the lesson subject to the programmes “make up” group or drop in policy. We are unable to offer a             refund.

   5.  If the lesson is cancelled in advanced due snow or severe storm, we will notify the players and they will be able to make up that lesson                subject to the programmes “make up” policy. We are unable to offer a refund.

   6.  In the event of such a cancellation, you will be contacted by email or text using the contact details you have provided to the ClubSpark                  booking service.  Please ensure that these details are correct and please confirm receipt of the lesson cancellation on each occasion.                    (Coaches will contact everyone in the class at once and so will not be able to respond individually to texts, e-mails or calls querying the                weather).

   7.  Sometimes, decisions will be taken last minute, as the weather is so changeable.  While we are always keen for sessions to go ahead,                   please respect that the health and safety of our players and coaches is our first consideration. 



Private lessons Policy

  1. If you can not attend a private lesson let us know with 24 hours in advanced to change your private lesson to a different day or time. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours in advanced will not have the option to change the lesson for a different day or time. We are unable to offer a refund.

   2.  Booking should be made online in advance at the venue Clubspark website.

   3.  Cancellations, weather policies and make up policies also apply to private lessons.

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